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We Are



The Craft Bev Branch of TGIM

A micro creative studio focusing on the emerging saturated craft beer + beverage category with the simple goal of standing out in a crowd through thoughtful, strategic, and consistent design


What is
and Why?

At Mash Collaborative, I specialize in beer and beverage design and branding. Mash is an extension of the work created at my parent studio, Thank God It's Monday. Inspired by the passion that each beverage creator pours into their craft, Mash too aims to meet them where they're at with the same level of passion and creativity.

In the brewing and distillation process, the “mash” stage is what kicks off the party. Grains are steeped in hot water, becoming hydrated and alive. This activates their enzymes and transforms their inner starches into sweet, fermentable goodness (paving the way to the final product)! This activation is no different from the start of the creative process. The marriage of a good product with good creative is what leads to a great outcome... and ultimately makes a creative brand successful. These practices should always go hand in hand, because let's face it, you've worked too hard on your craft not to have it shine to its full potential! That's where Mash Collaborative comes in.


Beers, Booze, Bubbles, Brews,
'Buchas, Bourbons, Bone Broths, & (believe it or not) Birch Waters... we've been there!

A selection of folks 
we've mashed with...

BEER & BREWERY Dainton Beer / Anheuser-Busch / Yonkers Brewing CoYarra Brewing Co /
Mill House Brewing Co / MHBC Labs / Industrial Arts Brewing Co / Plum Point Cider / The Craft & Co / Gypsy Hub / Wallenpaupack Brewing Co / Ice Cold Beer Here  // WINE + SPIRITS Jim Beam Brands / Courvoisier / The Craft & Co / Concrete & Clay Wine / Miller St. George Spirits Co / Benmarl Winery / Cappelletti / Aperitivo & Co / Auberon Vodka // COFFEES / TEAS / CARBONATED Pepsi / Mountain Dew / Pepsico Design & Innovation / Omni Bev Cold Brew / Ready Coffee / Vanderkill Coffee Co / Herbal Mist Teas / LL Energy Drink // OTHER Saratoga Spring Water / Hybrid Hemp/Hop Tonic / Brodo Broth Co / Breza Birch Water / 989 OnDemand Hydration // AGENCY SHOUTOUTS Rabe & Co / Safari Sundays / FAI Design Group / Dada Design Studio / H2M Beverages / Pr%f Agency

(who would we be if we didn't brew our own beers?)

Naming & Strategy
Logo Design
Visual Identity
Packaging Design
Print & Digital
Tap Handles


Awards arent

...but they're something.


Stoked to have recently earned multiple gold "Crushies" from the Craft Beer Marketing Awards, as well as awards from HOW, GDUSA, The Communicator Awards, Hermes Creative Awards, and the MarCom Awards.

Our beverage work has also been recognized / published by The Dieline, Sendpoints Publications, Froth Magazine, Branders Magazine, GDUSA and Beers Illustrated.



"Craig is the man! He is imaginative, concise, professional and extremely easy to work with. We are extremely pleased to continue the partnership into the future."

The Core Team

Mash Collaborative is a husband/wife creative studio effort, combining a wide spectrum of experience and expertise to an industry they're passionate about!

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